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Jul 16, 2011 7:00am PDT
counts lying to police. >>> rupert murdoch is apologizing. the chairman of news corporation signed a pull page -- full page apology that acknowledges serious wrong doing. >>> government debt problems are having an effect on the money as explained in the money watch report. >> reporter: wall street is coming off the worst week in nearly a year. concerns about debt problems in the u.s. and europe are overshadowing the strong corporate reports. on friday the dow rose 42 points. the nasdaq moving up 27. gold at a record high of $1,590 an ounce. investors are pouring money into safe haven investments like precious medals. >>> the government wants to know more about the fees that the airlines are proposing. new rules would require them to report the fees they charge passengers and also require them to give more useful stats about lost or danged luggage and mishandled wheelchairs so passengers can make better decisions about what airline to fly. last year airlines made $5.5 billion from baggage knees and -- baggage fees and fees passengers paid. >>> the growing love of cheese burgers in asia is
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1